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  German and German-English Dictionaries

LEO English-German Dictionary - German-English bilingual dictionary that allows two-way searches for over 400,000 words and phrases.
Pons Online German Dictionaries - Online bilingual German dictionaries to and from English, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish.
Linguadict German-English Online Dictionary - Bilingual German-English dictionary with over 500,000 entries, with example sentences and idioms. - Includes specialized monolingual dictionaries for German Orthography, Inflection, Word Formation and Morphology as well as the German-English Translation Dictionary LEO. The specialized dictionaries for German are based on Canoo's Morphology Dictionary, which has over 250,000 entries and recognizes approximately 3 million word forms.
The New English-German Dictionary - Bilingual German-English dictionary with more than 190,000 revised translations, plus downloadable freeware version for Windows.
TU Chemnitz German-English Dictionary - A simple German-English bilingual dictionary containing over 179,000 entries with synonyms, and downloadable sidebar plugin.
Wortschatz Project - Monolingual German lexicon with information and statistics for each word, plus lexical databases for English, Dutch, French, and Sorbisch, Estnisch, and Islšndisch. Online Translation Service - over 400,000 German-English bilingual translations, with verb phrases, short phrases and composed entries, updated through user translation contributions.
QuickDic German-English Dictionary - A simple to use German-English bilingual dictionary with over 250,000 words and idioms in each language, with pronunciations and many other kinds of information.
Student Online German-English Dictionary - Bilingual German-English dictionary powered by, with more than 280,000 direct translations, phrases and acronyms, updated with user contributions; also includes a bilingual German-Spanish dictionary.
Wolfram Schneider's English-German dictionary - German-English bilingual dictionary that outputs many related form of the word input.
Maschler German-English Online Dictionary - German-English bilingual dictionary with 110,000 words based on the TU Chemnitz dictionary.
LookWAYup Dictionary - German-English dictionary, also includes English-German; click "More" for thesaurus and synonyms; double-click a word in the definition to define it.
UltraLingua German-English and English-German Dictionary - German and many other foreign dictionaries, plus web page translations and downloadable translation toolbar.
LingvoSoft German-English Online Dictionary - Bilingual German-English dictionary; site also includes a multilingual dictionary with 25 languages.
Ectaco Online German-English Dictionary - German-English bilingual dictionary; site also includes 21 other languages. German Dictionaries - A collection of free German bilingual dictionaries for Afrikaans, English, French, Czech, Dutch, Esperanto, Italian, Japanese, Japanese Romaji, Kurdish, Norwegian Bokmal, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, and Latin. Browsable online, with word searches, and downloadable data files.
CleverTranslate - Word translations from English to German, plus English to Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean.

Ophthalmological translation aids

Pascal Photocoagulator
Bruch's membrane
Corneal endothelium
Retinal pigment epithelium

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“Windows” XP Professional resource kit (German)
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