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Sunday, 17 October 2021 Dereel Images for 17 October 2021
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Lena on the mend
Topic: animals, health Link here

Didn't sleep well overnight. What's wrong with Lena? Did we do the right thing by leaving her to recover by herself. What if she were poisoned? Or did she have bloat? In either case, quick reactions are important.

Fortunately it was none of the above. She woke up much better, and she ate a little food in the morning. Normally we give them chicken frames, but I thought it better to give her only pellets. There was some indication of constipation, but that could have been because she hadn't eaten anything for over a day, and it was gone by the evening.

In passing, her symptoms only marginally matched those of bloat. She would have felt much worse if she had had it.

More mobile phone choice pain
Topic: technology, opinion Link here

Spent much more time looking for a new mobile phone for Yvonne today, in the process coming to two conclusions: phones are getting much bigger, and nobody seems to care. I have been unable to find a modern Xiaomi phone (one released in this decade) that is less than 15 cm high. And none of the “smartphone choice” web sites allowed me to search or sort based on external dimensions.

That's not just irritating: it's a real problem if you don't have a pocket where you can put the thing. And Yvonne doesn't. The next issue will be to find something for her to carry it in.

Monday, 18 October 2021 Dereel
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Lena on the mend
Topic: animals Link here

Lena continues to improve. Her constipation is gone, but now she has loose bowels. Things are clearly not yet over.

Another bloody mobile phone!
Topic: technology, language, opinion Link here

I've given up trying to find a small phone for Yvonne. A Xiaomi Redmi 9A it is, a slightly slower version of my Redmi 9T. It's not that I particularly like Xiaomi, but one mobile phone interface is bad enough. This way I don't have to get used to the problems that a second one causes, like today's issue where Yvonne couldn't find the dialing pad for the phone. About the biggest difference is the colour: blue instead of green. So I've decided to give it the name enzian.

How I hate these things!

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