Greg Getting a refund for a Digitrex GKX-9000 DVD recorder
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This page describes what I had to do to get a refund for my Digitrex GKX-9000 DVD recorder, which I had bought on eBay from Auctionbrokers. My main Digitrex page is here. You should read it first if you haven't done so already.

Before you can get any refund on a defective unit, you must be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it cannot be repaired. In my case, this was done with the service report from the authorized repairers.

The next problem is that auctioneers are not required to supply any support. The warranty was from Digitrex, not from Auctionbrokers. As a result, a refund can only come from Digitrex.

The trouble is, if you bought from Auctionbrokers, Digitrex can't refund your money. Auctionbrokers must do it. Sound like a contradiction? Yes, sort of. Digtrex needs to authorize a refund from Auctionbrokers. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Get positive proof that the unit can't be repaired. If your repairer won't give you confirmation, two or three failed repairs should be enough. Contact the ACCC in case of doubt.
  2. Contact Digitrex and tell them you want a refund. They'll probably try to block you and tell them you're not responsible. Insist (I referred to the ACCC). Tell them that you bought from Auctionbrokers (if you did, of course), and that you expect Digitrex to authorize a refund from Auctionbrokers.
  3. You should then hear from Auctionbrokers, who in my case took about 10 days to get a refund cheque sent.

What if this doesn't work?

This method worked for me. I don't know either what to do if it doesn't work for you. I'd be interested in hearing about it, though. The ACCC may also be interested; it's worth giving them a call if nothing else works.

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