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I've had a love-hate relationship with mplayer: on the one hand, it is immensely fragile and seems to pay more attention to silly “skins” than to functionality. On the other hand, it seems to be the best available. And since it's free, I can at least try to fix it. That's what I started to do in June 2005. This page is a list of what I plan to do and a log of what I have achieved.

Do you want to help? Then contact me.

Why am I going it alone?

The obvious thing to do here is to get involved with the mplayer project. Why am I not doing so? I'm certainly not trying to fork the project, but at the moment I don't have time to get involved with a project which seems to have such different aims from my own. Of course any changes will be available for reincorporation in the mplayer project, and if I make enough changes, I may join the project. But at the moment it's just experimental.

To do

Greg's diary Greg's photos Greg's links Greg's home page
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